TAP group board of directors meet on Madeira island

TAP SGPS Board of Directors met in Funchal for the first time today. The trip taken by the TAP Group’s highest body to Madeira will include meetings with public and private bodies in the region.

“This meeting on the fantastic island of Madeira, the second of a series of travelling meetings we intend to hold during this mandate, demonstrates TAP’s commitment to the Autonomous Region and to all Madeirans”, said Miguel Frasquilho, Chairman of the TAP Group Board of Directors.  

The decentralisation of meetings of the TAP Group Board of Directors began with a meeting in Porto in March, and will be repeated in other parts of the country, with the intention of bringing the company closer to, and providing it with better knowledge of, the realities and needs of Portugal’s main cities and regions.

You ought to recall that TAP has flown to Madeira since 1964 (the year Funchal airport opened) and to Porto Santo since 1960. TAP currently operates 70 flights a week to Funchal and six times a week to Porto Santo during the IATA summer.

Up to May this year, the company has carried more than 290,000 passengers from all its international routes to Funchal, representing an 18% increase on the previous year. The biggest recorded increase is for passengers from Europe (+41%) and the United States (+15%). The Stopover Programme, which was extended to include Madeira last year, has contributed strongly to this growth, encouraging tourists to visit two Portuguese destinations on the same trip. 

As part of the 600th anniversary of the discovery of Madeira and Porto Santo, TAP’s CEO, Antonoaldo Neves, today signed a strategic agreement between TAP and the Madeira Regional Government. “The goal is to enhance TAP’s involvement in the growth of the Madeira archipelago as a tourist destination. We want to bring even more people to this paradise, where they can experience Madeiran and Porto Santo hospitality and carry Madeiran art and culture even further,” said Antonoaldo Neves.

To this end, TAP, in partnership with the Regional Government, has prepared a specific programme – Taste Madeira – which includes strategic partnerships with several companies and regional cultural bodies. Among other activities, this partnership has resulted in more regional products being offered on board TAP flights to destinations all over the world, and not just on flights to Madeira.