TAP sings agreements with Porto Business Partners

TAP’s CEO, Antonoaldo Neves, today signed cooperation agreements between TAP and the Portuguese Business Association (AEP), the Porto Commercial Association (ACP), the Portuguese Textile and Clothing Association (ATP), the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs (ANJE) and the Portuguese Footwear Industrialists Association (APICCAPS). These five new agreements bring TAP even closer to the Porto business community.

At a meeting held today at the offices of the ACP, Antonoaldo Neves reaffirmed the company’s investment in the region: “TAP shares with the business leaders, in all of the associations meeting here today, the commitment to further develop Porto and the Northern Region. We know we can contribute to this, with our routes, with our outdoor promotions, and in our aircraft, where Portugal is always present, whether it’s through cuisine, wines or other products and businesses that we present to our passengers.” 

Up until May this year, TAP has carried more than 840,000 passengers to Porto, up 17% on the previous year. TAP’s goal is to continue contributing to the increase in the number of tourists and the resulting development of the local economy. 

In March the company increased the number of flights from Porto with the launch of four new routes. London (London City Airport), Milan, Barcelona and Ponta Delgada represent TAP’s commitment to continue bringing passengers from around the world to Porto and to bring Porto to the world. The total number of TAP flights from Porto has reached 269 direct flights each week to 16 destinations. 

As part of the Taste Porto programme, TAP continues to promote what Porto does best. The company is serving “francesinhas” by Chef Rui Paula on all its flights during June to celebrate Saint John. This traditional dish, which originates from Porto, is being served in Executive Class on all flights departing from Porto, except flights operated by TAP Express. It is also being served in Economy Class on long-haul flights. TAP estimates that it will serve around 4,000 “francesinhas” during June.