50% off on all TAP flights

TAP is launching a travel promotion between Lisbon and Porto during the month of February.

Airline customers can, starting from today and until the end of the month, book trips starting from €35.99 (one way) or 1500 miles (per leg).

The Company offers 13 hourly flights every day on jet planes and has been getting results from its strong commitment to improving punctuality.

Between February 4 and 10, the punctuality of Ponte Aérea was 94 percent.

This was the result of a number of initiatives developed by the company to improve the experience of passengers flying on Ponte Aérea, namely the change to jet aircraft since January.

During this month of February, in addition to the Ponte Aérea campaign, TAP is also launching an air miles campaign for TAP Miles & Go customers.

Customers can make reservations for all flights operated by TAP throughout the network using double miles through February 28 and for trips up to March 31.

More information on the conditions of Ponte Aérea and TAP Miles & Go Air campaigns available at: