TAP crew again voted world's most handsome

The prestigious British magazine Monocle has reinforced last year’s award while emphasising the professionalism of crew members.

TAP is featured in Monocle magazine’s annual Travel Top 50 again this year. According to the British magazine, TAP has the world’s most handsome crew. As well as their looks and presentation, Monocle also highlights the professionalism of the crew. According to the magazine: “With an average age of 38, they are not the youngest in the skies, but their experience is possibly the reason that we are praising the professional and friendly service and the warm welcome we received on board”.
The airline’s priority is the safety and comfort of its customers. The award from this prestigious British magazine will further improve customer satisfaction, which TAP measures using the NPS index. Satisfaction with TAP measured by NPS almost tripled between 2017 and 2019. The categories assessed by customers include the performance of crew members who work every day to provide a unique, caring service offered with a sense of responsibility, availability and kindness, while always seeking to meet the customers’ needs in the best way possible and to guarantee safety and punctuality.

TAP is also one of the country’s largest employers. From the implementation of the strategic plan in 2015, TAP has recruited 2170 new members of staff, more than 1400 of who are crew members.

This ranking, which assesses the best travel experiences on a global level, also evaluated the Claus Porto products by Ach. Brito, which are often available on TAP aircraft and at special events organised by the airline, such as inaugural flights, retro aircraft and the first anniversary of the Porto-Lisbon Ponte Aérea, among others. This recognition demonstrates the importance of TAP’s strategy to promote the best of what Portugal produces and its assumption of the mantel as one of the country’s main ambassadors.
Mention should also be made of the work TAP has done at its hub in Lisbon that Monocle named the Most Conveniently Located Long-Haul Hub.  Monocle also highlighted the airport’s proximity to Lisbon city centre as well as the historical and cultural links between Portugal and both Brazil and Africa.