TAP launches charity campaign to support children and young people at risk

Airline asks TAP Miles&Go Clients to help those most in need have a Merry Christmas.

With the help of TAP and TAP Miles&Go Clients, children and young people from the Associação Novo Futuro [New Future Association] and the Instituição CrescerSer [Grow To Be Institute] will have a happier Christmas this year. TAP is once again asking its Clients to donate their miles to a charity campaign that begins today and runs until 15 December. All miles donated to the campaign will be converted into TAP Store products that will then be given to the two institutions benefiting from this initiative. 

Duvets, pillows, bodystuits, T-shirts and toys, among other products, are some of the Christmas presents from our Clients to those most in need.

The two charitable institutions selected by TAP work to provide care and support to children and teenagers at risk.

The Associação Novo Futuro accommodates children and young people at risk in family homes, and has already provided support to more than 220 minors in socially disadvantaged circumstances. Currently, the Instituição CrescerSer operates seven temporary housing centres, shared between children aged 0 to 12 and teenagers aged 12 to 19, accommodating a total of 96 children and young people.

All information concerning the TAP Donate Miles campaign is available on the Airline website and can be found here.

Airline renovates TAP Donate Miles programme to support more Institutions
The TAP Donate Miles Programme has now been renovated and expanded to include more institutions, providing even more miles that can be used for the benefit of those most in need. Next year, TAP Donate Miles Programme will accept applications from entities headquartered in Portugal, Brazil and in African countries served by the Airline.

Since 2004, TAP has relied on its frequent flyers to support various non-profit organisations by donating miles. Under the TAP Donate Miles programme, a corporate social responsibility initiative integrated with the TAP Miles&Go programme, more than 50 entities have already benefited from this support thanks to the millions of miles donated.

More information concerning the programme can be found on the official Airline website.