TAP Aircraft to be named after Raul Solnado

On World Television Day, the airline pays tribute to actor and comedian.

TAP Air Portugal has baptised their fleet’s new A321neo aircraft (registration CS-TJM) with the name Raul Solnado, thus paying tribute to one of the most renowned and popular Portuguese comedians, actors and television presenters of the second half of the last century.

Raul Solnado was born in Lisbon on 19 October 1929, and died in the same city in August 2009, aged 79.

During his lifetime he was famous in Brazil as well as Portugal as a comedian and actor, and for his participation in and presentation of various television programmes, some of the highlights being “Zip-Zip”, broadcast in 1969, and “A Visita da Cornélia [Cornélia’s Visit]” from 1977, both on RTP and both huge audience hits.

It’s not by accident that TAP’s homage took place on World Television Day. The event, which took place in TAP’s hangar 6 at Lisbon airport, was attended by Raul Solnado’s friends and relatives, notably his granddaughter Joana Solnado, who followed in her grandfather’s footsteps and is now an actress, and Raul Solnado’s sons Renato and Mikkel. 

During the ceremony paying tribute to Raul Solnado, in which the painted name of the actor, comedian and presenter was revealed on the fuselage of TAP’s A321neo aircraft, audio excerpts from one of the greatest successes of his career, “A Guerra de 1908 [The War of 1908]”, were played, and TAP advertising spots from the late 1970s and early 1980s featuring Raul Solnado were also shown.

This multifaceted artist scored numerous successes in the theatre, magazines, cinema, television and comedy sketches. Undoubtedly, flights aboard the Raul Solnado aircraft will be in an even better mood.