TAP supports more institutions and offers more miles

TAP’s social responsibility programme is accepting applications until the end of January from Portuguese, Brazilian and African institutions and organisations.

The mission of charity institutions will reach new heights with TAP. Consequently, and in order to support even more initiatives, the Company has revamped and extended the TAP Donates Miles programme to more institutions and organisations, supporting three extra causes per year and offering even more miles that can be used to benefit those most in need. Applications for the programme are now open, and will close on 31 January.

For the first time, TAP is extending this initiative to institutions and organisations that are not just headquartered in Portugal, but also in Brazil and in African countries served by the Company. Three new entities will be selected each year to receive an initial donation of 500,000 miles from TAP in addition to the miles donated by TAP Miles&Go Clients. 

The miles donated by TAP and TAP Miles&Go Clients will enable charity trips, bringing help to those most in need, and may be converted into TAP Store articles useful to partner entities’ beneficiaries.  

Any private charity institution or non-governmental organisation operating in communities in the regions and countries served by the Company and headquartered in Portugal, Brazil or any of the African destinations served by TAP, can apply to the TAP Donates Miles programme up to the end of January. Now is the time for institutions and organisations to give their causes wings.

After applications have closed, TAP will carefully select the institutions whose projects fit the objectives defined by the Company under its social responsibility program. 

More information regarding the application process can be found on the Company’s official website, at https://www.flytap.com/en-pt/miles-and-go/spend-miles/donate-miles?tabid=filters-tab03537b1f-414b-4161-a7d8-1233d1c1263c

TAP has relied on its frequent flyers since 2004 to support various non-profit organisations by donating miles. Under the TAP Donates Miles programme, a corporate social responsibility initiative integrated into the TAP Miles&Go Programme, more than 50 entities have already benefited from this support thanks to the millions of miles provided.