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TAP Air Portugal has launched its new Affiliate Program, through which it establishes partnerships with the most important websites and blogs of the markets where it operates.
The Affiliate Program lets registered partners have access to tempting commissions, the latest TAP campaigns and promotions, as well as a team dedicated to ensuring the good performance of partners.

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Why join the TAP Affiliate Programme?


You will have access to one-off and always-on campaign banners, text links and price feeds on our platform, so that you can start communicating.


Enjoy appealing commissions for every sale that is made.


It is available in Portugal, Brazil, USA and in all European markets TAP flies to.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is an online advertising strategy in which a company compensates publishers for the sale of its products and services by paying them a commission. Publishers are referred to as "affiliates", and the commission they receive is an incentive to promote the company and sell its products on their websites.

What is the TAP Air Portugal Affiliate Program?

The TAP Air Portugal Affiliate Program is a program in which website/blog managers can promote TAP Air Portugal flights, products and services on their websites, redirecting users to the TAP site, generate sales and earn a commission for each sale that is made.

Who can join the TAP Air Portugal Affiliate Program?

Anyone with a website or blog that can redirect genuine and relevant traffic to the TAP Air Portugal website can join the program.

Which parties are involved in the TAP Air Portugal Affiliate Program?

Four main parties are involved:
  1. TAP Air Portugal: referred to as 'dealer', 'brand' or 'advertiser';
  2. Platform: the tool used to track, generate reports, payments and list offers and campaigns for the affiliate to choose from;
  3. You: the webmaster/network, also referred to as 'the affiliate';
  4. End user: the visitor(s)/customer(s)/subscriber(s) who buy tickets/services/products online at

What kind of websites can register in the program?

We accept all types of websites as our affiliates - blogs, websites, cashback, promotional code/coupons/vouchers websites, metasearchers - any person with an active online property and with quality traffic can become a TAP Air Portugal Affiliate.

Will I work directly with TAP Air Portugal?

Yes, you will work directly with TAP Air Portugal, in direct contact with the marketing team responsible for the Affiliate Program.

How can I sign up for the TAP Air Portugal Affiliate Program?

You can contact us directly via the email or register directly through the address

Is there any fee to be accepted into the TAP Air Portugal Affiliate Program?

No, there is no fee to register or be accepted into the TAP Air Portugal Affiliate Program. Registration is free, as is the use of the platform. There are no costs associated with being a member of our program.

How long does it take to approve my registration?

You can expect to receive an answer from us within 3 business days.

How are sales validated?

Sales (also referred to as "conversions") are validated at the end of each month. We collect all the conversions from the platform used in the Affiliate Program and validate them against our internal system and accept those that are valid.

Which sales are considered valid?

Valid sales are those in which the user's last click was on the affiliate link (we use the Last Click assignment model) and there is a cookie on the user's machine.

What kind of content is expected to be available on the platform?

We provide banners of always-on campaigns and one-off campaigns, text links, price feeds and promotional codes. You will find all the material you need to start promoting TAP Air Portugal and selling its products and services.

What kind of traffic sources are allowed?

The affiliate can use Cashback, Email Marketing, Display Banners, Coupon Websites and content about travel.

What kind of traffic sources are allowed?

Prohibited traffic sources are PopUp/ClickUnder, SEM, Brand Bidding, Market Places, Doorway Pages, Toolbars and adult content.

Can affiliates do brand bidding?

Affiliates are not allowed to bid on terms related to the TAP Air Portugal brand. This includes variations on terms relating to TAP Air Portugal, product names, spelling mistakes and company URLs. Affiliates must invalidate all brand terms in any PPC activity. These terms apply to all major search engines, including but not limited to Google, Yahoo! Search, MSN, Ask and Miva. Prohibited keywords include, but are not limited to: TAP, Fly TAP, TAP Air Portugal, TAP Airlines, TAP Airline, and

What traffic sources require prior approval?

You will need prior approval to use the Social and YouTube channels. In these cases, please email us at with your request. We will be happy to assess your proposal.

Can I produce my own banners/newsletters for use on my website with TAP's affiliate links?

We prefer affiliates not to produce their own banners. We provide several banners you can use, on our platform. If you would like a banner with different content or layout than the ones we provide, send us an email at


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