Governing Bodies

Meet the members of the Board of Directors of TAP, SGPS, SA, of TAP, SA and Portugália for 2018-2020.

TAP, SGPS, S.A. — Board of Directors

Miguel Frasquilho
Miguel Jorge Reis Antunes Frasquilho (Portugal, 1965) is graduated in Economy and master in Economic Theory. With a professional career in the financial and academic sectors, he is also a professor in Católica Lisbon.
Antonoaldo Neves
Chairman of the Executive Board of Directors
Antonoaldo Grangeon Trancoso Neves (Brazil, 1975) has degrees in Business Administration, Corporate Finance and Civil Engineering. His professional career is deeply linked to aviation, having led Azul Linhas Aéreas, one of the largest airlines in Brazil.
David Pedrosa
Member of the Executive Board of Directors
David Humberto Canas Pedrosa (Portugal, 1977) has a degree in Economics. His professional career has been linked to consulting, finance and transports, particularly within the Barraqueiro Group.
Raffael Quintas
Member of the Executive Board of Directors
Raffael Guarita Quintas Alves has a master’s degree in Business Administration. His professional trajectory is linked to consulting, finance and aviation, having performed several roles is Azul Linhas Aéreas.
Ana Pinho Macedo Silva
Ana Maria Almeida Leite de Pinho Macedo Silva is graduated in Economy and has a MBA degree from Cass Business School in London. A highlight of his professional career is the current presidency of the Serralves Foundation.
António Gomes de Menezes
António José Vasconcelos Franco Gomes de Menezes is graduated and has a PhD in Economics. His professional career includes vast experience in the field of commercial aviation.
Bernardo Trindade
Bernardo Luís Amador Trindade is graduated in Business Organisation and Management. His trajectory is linked to business management and the tourism sector.
David Neeleman
David Gary Neeleman (Brazil, 1959) is a shareholder through the Atlantic Gateway SGPS, Lda consortium, in partnership with Humberto Pedrosa. Graduated from the University of Utah, he has built an entrepreneurial career in the aviation industry. He is a founder, among other companies, of JetBlue and Azul Linhas Aéreas.
Diogo Lacerda Machado
Diogo Campos Barradas de Lacerda Machado is graduated in Law. His career is linked to consultancy and business administration.
Esmeralda Dourado
Esmeralda da Silva Santos Dourado is graduated in Industrial Chemical Engineering and Finance. Her professional trajectory includes business management experience in several sectors.
Maximilian Otto Urbahn
Trey Urbahn graduated from Yale College and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. His professional career has revolved mainly around the commercial aviation sector, namely with Azul and JetBlue airlines, DGN group companies.
Humberto Pedrosa
Humberto Manuel dos Santos Pedrosa (Portugal, 1947) is a shareholder through the Atlantic Gateway SGPS, Lda consortium, in partnership with David Neeleman. With a trajectory linked to the transport sector, Commander Humberto Pedrosa is also the president of the Barraqueiro Group.

Annual General Assembly of TAP, SGPS, S.A. – 29 April 2019: Convocatória (Download PDF 0.5MB, PT)
During the 15 days prior to the Assembly, the preparatory elements and information of the General Assembly will be made available to all shareholders, on this website, as per the terms and for the purposes of Article 289 of the Portuguese Commercial Companies Code.

Social Designation – Transportes Aéreos Portugueses, S.A.

Headquarters – Edifício 25 , Aeroporto de Lisboa
Registration Office – Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Lisboa
CIPC and unic number of registration - 500278725
Social Capital – 41.500.000 Euros

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