Social Commitment

Connecting people, communities and the world.

Assistência Médica Internacional (AMI)

Assistência Médica Internacional (AMI) aims to mitigate inequality and suffering around the world. They fight on a daily basis for a more sustainable, more harmonious, less indifferent and less violent world.


Helpo aims to provide support to the most vulnerable social groups, helping to avoid the suppression of basic needs and promoting their development through education and nutrition.

Terra dos Sonhos

Terra dos Sonhos continuously promotes the well-being of children, young people and adults by providing them with mental, physical, emotional, relational and spiritual support.

Assistência Médica Internacional (AMI), Helpo and Terra dos Sonhos are currently the three beneficiaries of this TAP  social responsibility initiative, and will remain in the Program until the end of 2024.


We always try to support good causes and encourage our employees to take part in them. Whether on a regular basis or in one-off initiatives, regardless of our field of activity, our goal is always to make a difference. 

In 2023, in partnership with two associations - Comunidade Vida e Paz and Casa da Juventude do Beato - we dedicated 68 hours to volunteering, with the participation of 33 volunteers, over 16 sessions which included preparing meals for the homeless population of the city of Lisbon and offering TAP Store gifts to children and young people from neighborhoods considered to be of priority intervention.

Campaigns and Donations

We believe it is by strengthening our values that our impact on and contribution to the development of society can be maximised, in total alignment with our business. 

In 2023, in support of the neediest communities and the social organizations that help them daily, we donated more than 920 thousand itens of discontinued or surplus material from our operation.

Solidarity campaigns also reflect the Company's commitment to social causes. Throughout 2023 we supported the "Embracing Ukraine" and "Solidarity IRS" campaigns, the 5th edition of Giving Tuesday Portugal, and the TAP Donate Miles special campaigns, in celebration of International Women's Day, World Children's Day, and Christmas.

"Embracing Ukraine"

In 2023, we continued to support organizations that provide humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people, through the transport of passengers and cargo on the Lisbon-Warsaw route. To apply for this TAP support, click here.


In total, we have reached 107 social organizations. In 2024, TAP remains committed to continuing to contribute to a path of solidarity towards sustainability.