About TAP for Suppliers

Procurement at TAP

TAP Air Portugal is the Portuguese flagship airline, serving 90 airports in 36 countries worldwide.

The success of our daily operation depends not only on our intrinsic capacity, but also on the competence and quality of our supply partners. 


TAP has a centralized Procurement Area responsible for all acquisitions of goods and services for TAP Air Portugal, that currently amounts to about €2 billion in annual spend.


The Procurement Area paves the way for lasting competitive edge for TAP. This advantage is achieved by obtaining the products and services at a cost that represents the best value to our customers and shareholders.  


We look to our supply partners to share the same passion for our customers by helping us drive extraordinary value through innovative products and services with the highest quality standards at competitive costs.  As a result, we are continuously engaged in finding ways to reduce and control our costs, boost our quality, and strive for efficiency.

Procurement Organization

Flight Operations team is responsible for a wide range of products and services, that includes:

  • Jet Fuel.
  • In-flight Products and Services.
  • Catering.
  • Airport and Navigation Charges.
  • Ground Operations.
  • Cargo Handling and Trucking.
  • Crew accommodation.
  • Chartering.

M&E Procurement team is responsible to manage the following spend categories:

  • Engines.
  • Airframe and components.
  • Tools and Services.
  • Crew Training.



Corporate Services team is responsible to manage the following spend categories:
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Professional and Financial Services
  • Real Estate and Facilities Management.
  • General Services (such as Logistics, Uniforms, Fleet, Office Suppliers, Medical Equipment and Supplies).



Technology and Payment Solutions team is responsible to manage the following spend categories:
  • IT distributed systems.
  • IT equipment and infrastructure.
  • Software and applications.
  • Communications.
  • Payment Solutions.