From Portugal to the World, with TAP

From the best origin to hundreds of destinations, discover how the freshest Portuguese products travel
Since 1945, the year it was founded, TAP has been part of Portugal’s life. In every moment of its history, it has connected people, brought communities together, carried Portuguese people to all over the world, and brought the world to Portugal. But besides carrying passengers, TAP has also been an important vehicle of exportation of national products, which arrive quickly – and in the case of food products, with maximum freshness – to hundreds of destinations, in Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

This is the first episode of the series “From Portugal to the World”. In it, you can follow the journey of a shipment of fish from the Azores, from its origin until its destination, a pleasant restaurant in the Bay of Naples. In the next episodes, other stories will be told. With the same passion, but different characters, always with Portugal in focus.

Fast and fresh, this shipment is a tiny sample of the more than 1 500 tons of Portuguese fresh fish, as well as the 15 000 tons of Portuguese products, carried by TAP every year.

In this journey, you will meet the fishermen that are so proud of what they bring to shore every night in their boats, the entrepreneurs who seek for business all around, who export our products and show the Portuguese people’s entrepreneurial spirit, the workers of so companies and services, essential to all this process. Working in partnership, together, “because one without the other, they don’t exist”, all of them share a purpose: to carry Portugal to the World. Preferably, with TAP Air Portugal.