Sintra gives name to TAP's aircraft

Reinforcement of the airline's regional fleet continues to promote Portugal's regions.

TAP Air Portugal has named an aircraft from its regional fleet as "Sintra". The enchanting town of Sintra, known for its historic palaces and mythical gardens, is located about 25 kilometers from the city of Lisbon and, with its magical and romantic aura, is one of the favorite destinations for tourists visiting Portugal. To mark the naming of "Sintra", Portugália's Embraer 195 with the registration number CS-TAW, a symbolic ceremony was held at Sintra Town Hall with the Deputy Mayor, Bruno Parreira, to whom the Managing Director of Portugália, Mário Lobato de Faria, presented a model of the aircraft.

This is a TAP initiative that follows on from the "Embracing Portugal" project, presented in 2017 on the occasion of the Company's anniversary. TAP is thus extending Portugália's fleet to new regions, named then after the 18 districts and the two autonomous regions of Portugal, once again assuming the role of promoter of the country and its regions, collaborating in the promotion and dissemination of the regions and their culture, gastronomy and heritage, and strengthening the relationship with the people of each region.

Portugália flies under the TAP Express brand on short and medium-haul flights and currently owns a fleet of 19 aircraft - 12 Embraer 190, with capacity for 106 passengers, and seven Embraer 195, with capacity for 118 passengers. The Embraer 190 and 195 added to the Company's regional fleet represent a major growth in available seats and a savings in fuel consumption.
Watch the video of the "Sintra" aircraft here.