Boarding TAP fights with Biometric Data

TAP and ANA, together, in an innovative partnership that envisages the airports of the future.

TAP and ANA-Aeroportos de Portugal are now making boarding with biometric data available to passengers on selected flights in Europe. This is a cutting-edge technological solution that allows for a futuristic trip experience, with more comfort and time savings.

Boarding on selected flights with biometric data is now in the first phase of testing and has started at Porto and Lisbon airports, on previously selected TAP flights to Europe.

This innovative project is financed by the European Union, through the NextGenerationEU – PRR program.

The biometric experience's main objective is to improve the passenger experience.  Passengers will no longer have to repeatedly present physical or digital identity documents and ticket proof throughout their journey at the airport. 

Biometrics also allows you to increase security. The solution will use advanced algorithms to confirm the identity of the person presenting themselves to travel.  Additionally, the system cross-references the name on the boarding pass with the name on the identity document.

Privacy is guaranteed as personal data is protected and deleted after flight departure.

TAP passengers who board selected flights will now receive a message from the Company with the necessary instructions to, through an Ana Aeroportos application for mobile devices, access the biometric data registration process that will allow them to use the system at the airport, in security control phases and when passing through the boarding gate.