TAP opens Premium Lounge Atlântico for flights outside the Schengen Area

Portuguese culture and creativity welcome passengers to the new space.

TAP Air Portugal opened today its new lounge at Lisbon airport for passengers travelling on flights outside the Schengen area. Every day, between 5am and midnight, TAP and Star Alliance passengers will be able to enjoy a space that favours Portuguese culture and can accommodate around 100 people in an area of 380m2.

The new lounge is located just beyond the passport control area at Humberto Delgado airport. In a project developed by Alma Design, the TAP Premium Lounge Atlântico provides passengers with a space to gather, relax and prepare for the next stage of their journey, celebrating Portugal's cultural heritage while reflecting the company's sustainability strategy, thanks to the choice of local, sustainable and authentic materials.

Sofia Lufinha, TAP's Chief Customer Officer, recalls that "Customer comfort is a priority for TAP, as well as the variety of solutions, such as work or relaxation spaces and the diverse cuisine available. TAP is always focused on improving the quality of customer service and that was the goal with this new lounge, which we have now achieved, and which will certainly be a good option for our customers who have flights to South America, North America, Africa or the United Kingdom."

With Portuguese materials in the spotlight, such as cork, burel - a Portuguese craft fabric - and tiles, that simulate the typical façades of Portuguese houses, passengers will find areas to work or relax, as well as a dining area. Ambaar is in charge of management, with Cateringpor collaborating on the buffet area, which will provide hot and cold meals inspired by Portuguese cuisine at all times of the day.

The Portuguese hospitality and hugs before each journey are also complemented by temporary exhibitions by Portuguese artists, curated by Underdogs, an urban art cultural platform based in Lisbon. Over the next six months, the artists featured are Raquel Belli and Pedrita Studio, whose works are part of the universe of urban-inspired contemporary art, with work centred on the contemporary reinterpretation of Portuguese artistic language.