TAP celebrates 73 years with miles for passengers, ‘stars’ and empathy awards for Staff

  • Company rewards staff members chosen by clients 
  • Launch of “TAP Stars” internal recognition programme
  • Victoria Programme launches campaign offering 1,000 miles to all new members
  • TAP’s new more dynamic and interactive website available from today
  • Singer Miguel Araújo helps celebrate TAP’s 73rd birthday with a performance for staff 
Today TAP marks its 73rd anniversary with passengers and staff, both on the ground and in the air.

We can’t fail to celebrate our birthday in the air, with our passengers. On our long-haul flights, passengers were given a TAP birthday cake instead of the normal tray desserts, as a way of giving back and thanking our clients for their custom.

The redesign of TAP’s website, which is available from today, brings a new layout with new and up-to-date information: it is just another of the new things being introduced on our birthday. It has more dynamic, interactive and user-friendly pages: www.tapairportugal.com

To celebrate the day, the Victoria Programme launched an exclusive birthday campaign, with gifts for new members of the TAP family. From midnight on 14 March to 11.59pm on 15 March, everyone who joins TAP’s frequent flyer programme will receive 1,000 miles, to be added within 10 days and which will remain valid for one year. 

TAP employees who help make the company fly ever higher and who have been praised by clients are also being celebrated. On this day they will receive their Empathy certificates. 

As a way of rewarding the exceptional work of its staff, TAP has launched the “TAP Stars” programme, through which employees will be awarded “Stars”.

The anniversary was also celebrated with a mini-concert at the company campus. The musician Miguel Araújo joined hundreds of staff members to sing happy birthday to TAP. 

The company also took the party to Lisbon’s Humberto Delgado Airport, with entertainment and gifts for clients at the check-in zone, in the TAP lounge and at some TAP departure gates. The day was also celebrated at other airports around the world. In Brazil, for example, birthday decorations were put up in the check-in areas of airports and thousands of cupcakes were handed out to Portugal-bound passengers.  

TAP, created by Humberto Delgado on 14 March 1945, has been going through a period of intensive growth, carrying more than one million passengers every month for the past 12 months. 

Today, just as 73 years ago, TAP continues to fulfil its goals: to be the airline for Portugal and the Portuguese, a company its clients trust and the country’s greatest ambassador and main showcase, promoting Portugal all over the world.