Babies celebrating their first birthday on Mother's Day fly in partnership with the Madeira Promotion Bureau

  • Families from across the country that received a big present on Mother’s Day last year, are taken to Madeira by TAP.
  • More than 40 people travelled to Funchal, Madeira.
  • Families were treated to their own dedicated programme, which included yoga and cooking classes.

On Mother’s Day 2017, TAP surprised the first mothers of the day in every district of the country, including the islands. On that day, the families received a baby kit, which included a voucher for a baptismal flight. This year, as Mother’s Day is celebrated and the babies reach their first birthday, TAP is taking these families on their babies’ baptismal flight. 

This Mother’s Day, more than 40 people from the north to the south of the country will travel to Madeira island. Once there they will enjoy a dedicated programme prepared with the help of the Madeira Promotion Bureau, which has arranged some family experiences, including a yoga class with their babies and cookery classes, as well as a number of leisure activities. 
This event, which is in a strategic partnership with the Madeira Promotion Bureau, highlights the destination’s potential for families in Portugal, a market that is only 90 minutes from the mainland. 

Mother’s Day is just another excuse for TAP to continue celebrating life and to “Embrace Portugal”, its programme dedicated to promoting the country.