TAP obtains licence from CFM to maintain Leap 1A engines in its workshops

Maintenance of the 36 new Airbus A320neo that TAP is going to receive by 2025 will be carried out completely by TAP’s Maintenance and Engineering department. 
The company has signed an agreement with CFM, which supplies the engines for the A320neo, which will allow TAP to benefit from the training and certification required to carry out repairs on the engines of these aircraft, with the company also able to offer this maintenance service to its own customers. 
“This agreement is very important for TAP, since it enables us to maintain the flexibility and high operational levels of the TAP fleet, while also allowing us to offer this service to third-parties, which is equally important in this market”, said Mário Lobato Faria, TAP’s Chief Technical Officer. 
“We are pleased to be able to take our solid relationship with TAP to the next level”, said Gaël Meheust, Chairman and CEO of CFM International. “As part of the CFM commitment, we will help TAP with its strategy as a global supplier of support services, enabling LEAP customers to maintain a level of use that will be an industry standard.”
Just now, TAP has three aircraft with these engines, all of them Airbus A320s. By the end of this year, TAP will have carried out 61 maintenance services on these engines on their own aircraft and around 66 on aircraft belonging to customers.  Next year, the company forecasts an increase in the number of services it carries out for third parties.