Xutos Pontapés Fly On 'Zé Pedro' Airplane For The First Time

Bedecked with band's iconic red scarf, the flight (TP1687) took off from Lisbon to Madeira at 4.40 pm. In addition to the red scarf, all passengers on this flight were presented with the band's new album, 'Duro'.

Xutos & Pontapés are celebrating their 40th anniversary and have a new album - the last with Zé Pedro's contribution. They are currently on a TAP-sponsored tour. The band's next show will be held tomorrow in Funchal.

Zé Pedro's name, followed by Xutos & Pontapés' logo, was painted during the airplane's naming ceremony, which took place in one of TAP's hangars last February. The ceremony was attended by the band, Zé Pedro's family, hundreds of TAP employees, the airline's CEO and Chairman, and other guests.

Guitarist Zé Pedro was one of the founders of Xutos & Pontapés and wrote many of the band's greatest hits.