Airline offers getaway with promotion 'El Avión de Papel'

TAP has discounts for this season's most sought-after destinations.

To get to know Berlin, Stockholm, Helsinki, Moscow, Oslo and Rio de Janeiro is now easier thanks to TAP’s new ‘El Avión de Papel” special offer. This weekend only, on July 20 and 21, the Company is offering a 10% discount on trips to this season's six most sought-after destinations. 
The discounts are available for trips between 15 September and 15 December this year, to Berlin, Stockholm, Helsinki, Moscow, Oslo and Rio de Janeiro, purchased exclusively through www.flytap.com. The special offer is valid when the associated promocode that will be published on the Airline’s social media and website is entered.

TAP invites Customers to uncover the promocode on Instagram and Facebook
The Airline is inviting its followers to outline their getaway plans to this season's most sought-after cities before the special offer’s official start. TAP has been releasing clues about the promocode in the stories on its official Instagram profile since Saturday, 13 July. The followers' mission is to unite the letters hidden within the stories to form the promotional code. All posts made since then are grouped and highlighted with the title "El Avión de Papel". The last clue will be revealed this Friday, 19 July. 
The Facebook challenge will be different. Followers must reply to questions placed in releases on TAP's official webpage, and whoever answers correctly will be redirected to a new release which provides the syllables that make up the promocode.

TAP followers on both social networks who have uncovered the promocode by this Friday will be the first to embark on their adventure and can use the discount code immediately to purchase trips to the destinations covered by the special offer. 
All information regarding the advantages of the Paper Aeroplane promotion is available on the TAP Air Portugal website and may be consulted at https://www.flytap.com/pt-pt/promo/aviao-de-papel.