“D. Dinis” joins TAP’s long haul fleet

TAP’s long-haul fleet was enhanced with a new name on Tuesday. 
D. Dinis [Denis of Portugal], known as the Poet King and Farmer King, is the name given to the Airline’s Airbus A330neo, with registration number CS-TUH. 

The aircraft, which is part of TAP’s long-haul fleet, was baptized in honour of the Portuguese king who established Portugal’s borders. The Treaty of Alcañices, signed by D. Dinis and Fernando IV, King of Castile on 12 September 1287, delimited the country with nearly the same dimensions it has today.

The king’s interest in the arts and literature gained him the nickname “the Poet King” and led his court to be considered one of the Iberian Peninsula’s most renowned literary centres of the time.  As a result of his interest, D. Dinis established Portuguese as the kingdom’s official language and was responsible for founding the first University of Portugal.

During his reign he also encouraged commerce, the economy and agriculture, and the initiatives which he implemented involving the latter activity gained him a second nickname: The Farmer King. He was also a pioneer in naval construction, founding and expanding the Portuguese Navy.