TAP's latest charity auction to benefit AIPNE

They’ve already flown all over the world; now they have a new life. Some are the “stars” of Xutos e Pontapés’ most recent video clip and can also belong to whoever bids for them.

TAP, in partnership with the online charity fundraising platform eSolidar, is holding a new charity auction between 9 and 15 September with chairs and other cabin components that are no longer in use on the Airline’s aircraft.
Proceeds will go to AIPNE (Association for Integrating Persons with Special Needs), which supports young adolescents and adults with cognitive and motive disabilities, facilitating their social and economic integration. 
This is a chance to acquire some unique Portuguese aviation pieces. The auction will have around 41 items, from chairs to galleys, cabinets and other cabin components that were once part of TAP’s aircraft and can now be acquired at https://www.esolidar.com/b/tapresponsabilidadesocial.

In participating, you’ll also be supporting AIPNE. The amount raised by this auction will contribute to the reconstruction project of the former Brejo school, donated by the Vila Franca de Xira city council, which will allow the Association’s Activity Centre and Professional Training Centre to be merged into a single unit.

Also involved in this event is document archive company EAD, a market leader in Portugal and pioneer in archive custodianship and management which, under its social responsibility policy, supplied the premises for the items’ storage.