TAP clarifies plan for routes

The planning of the TAP Network and resumption of operations will be conducted according to the contingencies related to the evolution of the pandemic, identified demand opportunities and the profitability of routes, taking into account the company’s sustainability within the ongoing restructuring process.

 For the period between October 2020 and March 2021, TAP has announced only two new routes: one from Lisbon and another from Porto (Lisbon-Maceió and Porto-Sal).  

 While developing next summer’s operations, TAP has identified some market opportunities that will enable it to optimise its network and capitalise on its resources. There are six seasonal routes that will operate only during the peak summer period. 

TAP emphasises that it has not yet announced its full summer 2021 operations. The company has been gradually resuming operations, but the recovery is slow, as IATA’s projections indicate. IATA’s worst-case forecast indicates activity up to 60% lower than in 2019. 

TAP continues to monitor the pandemic’s dynamic evolution and its operational impacts, and the list of routes and flights available in the reservation system will be adjusted as circumstances dictate.

 The Board of Directors of TAP SGPS, SA reaffirms that the company is continuing to collaborate with all economic agents, in particular business associations and regional tourism bodies, to facilitate the maximum number of opportunities and to add and adjust route plans in an effort to provide an even better and more responsive service from all domestic airports at which TAP operates, subject to the legal constraints governing the movement of people and air transportation.