TAP makes proposal to SPdH (Groundforce) to ensure payment of holiday allowances to employees

TAP made a proposal to SPdH (Groundforce) today to enable the payment of holiday allowances by the ground handling company. TAP will immediately and exceptionally make funds available as an advance payment for services provided or to be provided by SPdH (Groundforce) to TAP. 

Under this agreement, SPdH (Groundforce) will only be able to use this amount to pay its employees' holiday allowances, as well as the amounts inherent to personnel income tax and social security. According to TAP, “this was the only solution to avoid a business disruption at a critical time for customers and we were concerned by the socioeconomic sustainability of Groundforce's employees".

This is a unique and exceptional measure, which prevents a situation that would inevitably have a negative impact on TAP's operations.