Frederic Gossot is TAP's new Senior Director of Sales and Distribution

Frederic comes from Qatar Airways, went through Air France and has over 25 years of management experience in the aviation sector.


Frederic Gossot is TAP's new senior director of sales and distribution. A French national, the new head of the Portuguese air carrier has more than 25 years of experience in the airline industry management, including positions held at Air France, Air France/KLM and Qatar Airways, where he currently developed functions as Regional Director for Western Europe.

Master in Management from ESSEC Business School, completed an advanced management program at HEC and is CPD certified by the London School of Economics in Managerial Finance, Frederic Gossot has specialized throughout his professional career in areas such as managing large teams, leadership and problem solving in multicultural environments, Crisis Management, participation and development of strategic alliances and partnerships, preparation of business plans and results orientation.

Frederic has a vast international and multicultural experience, having lived and worked in countries such as France, Nigeria, Indonesia, China, Lebanon, Dubai and Germany, always in team leadership roles.