TAP will close Maintenance and Engineering operations in Brazil

As part of the restructuring plan approved by the European Commission on 21 December 2021, the TAP Group has decided to close down the operations of TAP Manutenção e Engenharia Brasil S.A. ("TAP ME").


The measure, however, does not interfere with the Company's passenger air transport operations in the country, its main overseas market. Brazil represents between 25% and 30% of the revenue of the Company, which continues to increase its offer in that market, with a presence in 11 capital cities and expectations of expansion of the number of weekly flights. 

The liquidation process of TAP ME, will proceed as follows: 

  1. Maintenance services relating to aircraft already contracted and/or in progress will be carried out normally, in accordance with the contracts between TAP ME and its customers;

  2. TAP ME will not accept new orders for maintenance services. 

Only upon completion of the ongoing maintenance services or of those already contracted will TAP ME cease its activities.