UCS - Integrated Health Care mores to Prior Velho

Company generates 70% of its profit outside the TAP group and is committed to an even greater diversification of its client base.

UCS - Integrated Health Care, a TAP group company that provides health services to the aeronautical community and the general public, inaugurated new facilities in Prior Velho. These mean a greater capacity for diversification of the client base and its location offers more visibility and allows it to be more accessible to the community.

The new UCS facilities replace the already dated premises located in the TAP campus and increase the available space, which allows for a greater and better response of the current services and the development of new services, as well as improved comfort for clients and better working conditions for the UCS employees.

In addition to being a specialized and certified healthcare provider in various areas of aeronautical medicine, including assistance to both aeronautical workers and passengers, UCS offers general medical consultations and clinical care facilities for about 30 specialties. It can perform a large number of auxiliary exams for diagnosis and offers a room for treatment and first aid, specialized therapeutic means and follow-up clinical programs.

UCS has about 240 employees, of whom around 80 percent are clinical personnel.
70 percent of UCS profit is made outside the TAP group.  In 2021, the company performed almost 414 thousand clinical acts, thus allowing the investment made in the new premises to be fully assured by UCS itself.

In the context of the pandemic, the UCS team of professionals, whose areas of activity work in an integrated way, has allowed for a consistent, specialized and innovative knowledge that addresses and overcomes the challenges posed to business management by the pandemic. The services were adapted to the costumers needs, for example, performing COVID tests for passengers, companies and individuals, as well as managing cases in the workplace, contributing to prevent and mitigate the impact of the pandemic.

At national level, UCS has been working closely with national reference institutions such as the Directorate-General for Health, Airport Health Authority, Portuguese Civil Aviation Authority, among others. At international level, the UCS operates with reference institutions such as the IATA (International Air Transport Association), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), and ESAM (European Society of Aerospace Medicine).