TAP Clarification

TAP currently employs a total of 831 Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (AMTs) and has a total of 76 aircraft in its fleet (excluding the fleet operated by Portugália and White, which have their own maintenance), which represents a ratio of 10.9 AMTs per aircraft.

It is therefore totally erroneous, regrettable and irresponsible the information transmitted today in a press release by SITEMA that "TAP is currently operating with an AMT ratio of 1.2 per aircraft, whereas in the period prior to restructuring it operated with an AMT ratio of 1.44 per aircraft. These figures compare with the international average of 3.2 EBA per aircraft".

For the same reason, the statement that "SITEMA is concerned about (...) the safety of TAP's operation" lacks any basis.

TAP is in the TOP 10 of the safest airlines in the world, being considered already in 2022 the safest airline in Europe and fifth worldwide, according to the independent entity Airline Ratings, which is dedicated to assess airlines around the world, taking into account criteria such as: accidents in five years, record of serious incident over two years, audits by government and aviation industry bodies, government audits, industry-leading safety initiatives, age of fleet and COVID-19 Safety Protocols.

In all these factors, TAP is one of the highest ranked airlines in the world, and it is incomprehensible that a union that represents TAP workers and should also fight for the good name and image of the Company ignores all this and makes wrong statements that may damage TAP's image of excellence in safety.

The current circumstances in which TAP carries out its activity are public. As part of the Portuguese State's aid to TAP and the ongoing restructuring plan, all TAP workers have salary cuts. The cuts for TMA members of SITEMA, negotiated with this union and accepted by it under the emergency agreements established, are not 40%, as stated in the communiqué sent by SITEMA to the press, but 30%. Also here, SITEMA transmits wrong and inaccurate information.

TAP Maintenance and Engineering and the Company's operational safety are internationally recognised as excellent, they meet all requirements and are frequently audited by national and international authorities, complying with all requirements and demands.

They cannot be called into question based on erroneous and unfounded allegations and irresponsible statements that damage the good name of TAP.

TAP deeply regrets and repudiates this type of attitude on the part of SITEMA and its chairman, Paulo Manso.