Zeca Afonso flies on TAP's fleet

TAP gave the name of Zeca Afonso to one of its Airbus A321LR, in a tribute to one of the most important Portuguese poets, composers and performers of music and an emblematic figure of the beginning of a new era in Portugal. 

The musician is one of the biggest names in Portuguese music scene, author and interpreter of "Grândola, Vila Morena", anthem of freedom and one of the key words that started the "revolution of the carnations", which put an end to dictatorship in Portugal, 48 years ago now.

Its legacy is now embodied in one of the new Airbus A321 Long Range, which combines the comfort and autonomy of a Long Haul aircraft with a narrow body with capacity to operate transatlantic routes. It will therefore allow the Company to complement its offer in several cities in the Northeast of Brazil and North America.

Larger than thought
Come along this road friend
Don’t waste time, for the wind
Is also my friend.

Zeca Afonso, "Bring another friend as well"

TAP marked the 48th anniversary of 25th April this morning on the arrival at Lisboa airport of the aircraft “Zeca Afonso” from Montreal, with the company's CEO, Christine Ourmières-Widener, presenting all passengers with custard tarts.