TAP and pilots' union reach agreement

TAP and SPAC have reached an agreement within the legal proceedings brought by SPAC regarding the complementary meal allowance (landing allowance) and the complementary per diem, which will be subject to ratification by the pilots assembly.

Thanks to the agreement now reached, advantageous for both parties, and which shows the sense of responsibility of our pilots, it will be possible to reduce the financial impact for TAP.

The agreement also provides for the resumption, from next September, of negotiations for a new Company Agreement, which we hope to conclude in the coming months.

We have thus achieved an important milestone on the road to social peace, with TAP and SPAC committing to dialogue as a means of resolving any collective differences and conflicts.

TAP and SPAC are confident that a decisive step can be taken towards normalising their relations and ensuring active cooperation, with a view to the company's recovery, within the framework of the Restructuring Plan, approved by the European Commission, which is essential for the survival of the Company.