TAP recommends changing flights scheduled for 8 and 9 December

As is public knowledge, TAP is facing a Cabin Crew strike announcement for 8 and 9 December. Despite all the Company's efforts to avoid this strike, it was not possible to reach an agreement with the union representing these professionals, although understandings were reached on several matters. 

The proposals were submitted in time and the SNPVAC's failure to respond in good time leads to a loss in ticket sales and normal revenue on these days. A possible cancellation days before the strike dates would still have a negative commercial effect for the Company.

Therefore, and without knowing the level of disruption that the operation may suffer on these days, TAP recommends that its customers try to rebook their flights. They should do this through the call center or their travel agencies. It will be possible to change the dates of flights planned for this period without any penalty and without altering the fare for dates between 28 November and 19 December, and without penalty, although with a fare change, for any other period.

TAP also informs that it is still available to reach an understanding with the cabin crew union, under the terms of the proposal already presented to them. It reiterates that it did everything possible to ensure that this could happen in time, and that it must now focus its efforts on organizing the operation and safeguarding its customers.

Aware of the harmful effects of this strike, TAP apologizes to its customers for the disruption that it may cause them and assures them that it is making every effort to minimize them.