TAP doubles intercontinental flights from Porto in 2023

  1. Portuguese airline launches new route Porto – Luanda
  2. Porto - New York increases from two flights per week to daily (seven flights per week)
  3. Enhanced summer schedule of three flights a week from Francisco Sá Carneiro airport to São Paulo and two to Rio de Janeiro for the entire summer period
  4. Reinforcement of frequencies on popular European routes to Geneva, and Zurich
  5. 10 percent increase in capacity to Paris, London, Luxembourg, and Funchal through the use of A320 aircraft only
  6. Lisbon - Oporto “Air Bridge” exclusively with jets combined with a 10 percent capacity increase during the summer period


TAP will strongly reinforce its activity at Porto airport next summer by increasing its offer on several routes and launching a new intercontinental operation.


The Portuguese airline will inaugurate a new direct flight between Porto and Luanda at the end of May 2023, with two weekly connections (subject to Governmental approval)


Direct flights between Francisco Sá Carneiro airport and New York, currently two per week, will become a daily product (seven per week) and will be operated on the most modern aircraft available on the market, the Airbus 321 Long Range, with the highest standards of comfort levels, fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.


The previous operation that directly links Porto to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro will be boosted for the entire summer 2023 period, with three and two flights a week, respectively.


With these increases, TAP is almost doubling its offer of intercontinental flights at Francisco Sá Carneiro airport, increasing Porto's connection to two of the most important source markets for tourism, the United States and Brazil, and also to a city with growing importance in terms of business with the northern region, Luanda.


But TAP's summer 2023 improvements in Porto are also focused on enhancing the shorter haul network. Popular European routes will be reinforced. The Geneva route will have one more flight per week, increasing from four to five weekly frequencies, as well as Zurich, which increases from three to five flights per week.


All of TAP's European route network to and from Oporto in addition to Geneva and Zurich schedule improvements, specifically Paris, London, Luxembourg and Funchal, will now be exclusively operated by Airbus aircraft, promoting greater consistency and quality of the product offered in addition to a 10% increase in capacity, in terms of seats available.


Finally, the use of ATR propeller aircraft on the Porto - Lisbon “air bridge” will disappear in the summer 2023 period, and will be exclusively operated by jet aircraft. 


In this way, TAP will have an enhanced offer from Oporto, optimizing the schedules and the capacity of connecting flights from Francisco Sá Carneiro airport, and this will significantly improve the travel experience of all passengers to and from Porto.