Vegan, vegetarian, diet, halal and kosher, gluten-free and lactose-free. New TAP meals are already on board

Considering the current change in consumer habits and the growth of special diet products on the market, TAP has launched new special meals for its passengers.

Since the beginning of 2023, on flights departing from Lisbon, Passengers - in Economy Class on flights of more than five hours and in Business Class on most flights of more than 90 minutes with meal service and except for next day flights - will be able to choose their meals in advance.

The new options for TAP's special meals have been adapted so that they are tastier and more nutritionally rigorous, while maintaining the quality of the service on offer, in response to customer needs related to food options or restrictions and cultural and religious specificities. 

On board, there are now vegan and vegetarian meals (including Hindu vegetarian), gluten-free, lactose-free, low salt or calorie content, Halal and Kosher, complying with Muslim and Jewish dietary guidelines.

Taking into consideration the 2022 figures, vegetarian and vegan meals are expected to be the most requested options and will therefore have two cycles, to offer greater variety. In total, it is expected that over 90,000 special meals will be served on board during 2023. 

TAP is therefore attentive to market needs and offers a response to the ever-increasing demand for alternative foods. To mark this launch, the Company invited three influencers connected to healthy and vegan food to visit Cateringpor, to learn about the meal production and logistics distribution processes and try out some of the new options.

The instagramers Vânia Ribeiro (@madebychoices), Nuno Mota (@alhofrances) and Mafalda Sena (@senasaudaveis) had lunch in the Business Class cabin of the A330neo CS-TUE, named "Santa Cruz", in Hangar 6. On the menu was a vegetable curry, hummus with vegetable sticks, vegetable cream and mango mousse, some of the options already available on board, alongside other examples such as vegan meatballs and vegan cheese salad.

TAP's special meals have to be booked in advance. The request can be made as long as you have a flight reservation and at least 24 hours before departure. Requesting this service can be made online (in the Manage Booking field), at the Contact Centre, through a TAP counter or travel agent. For TAP Miles&Go customers, the booking can also be made at the TAP Miles&Go Assistance Centre. All the information, including exceptions, about special meals is available on FlyTAP.