Brazil to receive 11 additional weekly frequencies in 2024

TAP announces the news for summer 2024.
North America, Africa and Italy offering to also be increased.

TAP Air Portugal announces its new operation for summer 2024, with the highlight being an eleven frequency per week growth in Brazil, bringing the total departures from Portugal to 91 weekly.
Recife gains three more weekly frequencies from Lisbon, increasing from seven to ten, and Rio grows from ten to twelve.  São Paulo, Belém, Brasília, Natal, Maceio, Porto Alegre and Salvador will also all get an additional weekly flight to and from Portugal.
With 91 flights per week in the peak summer directly connecting 11 of Brazil's main capitals to Lisbon and Porto, TAP is reinforcing its market presence with a superior customer product offering between Brazil and Europe.
And TAP's summer additions for 2024 are not limited to Brazil. 

The Portuguese airline will also grow its Maputo operation in Africa to four weekly, up from the current three.

In North America, Toronto, in Canada, will increase to 13 weekly, and, San Francisco, in California, will also grow to six weekly in the peak summer, up from five weekly in 2023.
Within Europe, Italy will be the focus of TAP´s European growth

Rome gains another daily flight, which now take the offering to five daily operations to and from the Italian capital, totaling 35 weekly frequencies.

Florence, the capital of the Renaissance, will also grow from eight to ten weekly frequencies.

This network development is planned without outsourcing aircraft and is possible after an initial review of the network and readjustments to some current frequencies.

With these additions for peak summer 2024, TAP continues its path towards a sustainable long-term recovery, focusing on developing its core routes, and offering a superior customer proposition to the market.