TAP has in place an onboarding program for all the companies that aims to collaborate with TAP. The onboarding process is designed to collect and store information about your company and the products and services you have to offer. Our suppliers must register by completing a registration questionnaire, whose information is subsequently analyzed and recorded in TAP supplier's database. 


TAP uses Ariba, a third-party electronic transacting processing tool, to manage our supplier onboarding process that supports our internal supplier selection process for upcoming business opportunities and to set-up in our ERP for transacting purposes (Purchase Orders (POs) issuance and invoice payment). Onboarding process does not guarantee any business with TAP.


Registration is by invitation only. Our onboarding specialists will send you an invitation for you to proceed with the registration.  If you are already registered, please follow this link to login and access or update your current profile. For more information consult the Supplier Registration Guide (PDF, 13,7MB, EN).


Suppliers transacting with TAP are required to comply with our onboarding process. We expect our suppliers, their representatives and subcontractors to respect and comply with the principles of the Supplier Code of Conduct in their business relationship with TAP.


See the Training Video: Transacting as a supplier on the Ariba Network to find out more.

Additional Information

TAP has summarized all the important information you need to know for a successful collaboration with us.

Supplier Registration Guide

Here you can find an overview and explanation regarding TAP Supplier Registration Process (PDF, 13,7MB, EN).

Supplier Code of Conduct

We expect our suppliers, their representatives and subcontractors to respect and comply with the principles of the Supplier Code of Conduct (PDF, 3,3MB, EN) in their business relationship with TAP.

SAP Ariba Onboarding Support

Suppliers transacting with TAP must use Ariba, unless otherwise noted. Suppliers should be aware that Ariba offers two versions: the Light Account and the Full Enabled Account.


The Light Account will not incur any fees for the supplier, but the Full Enabled Account will. When registering with Ariba, suppliers create an agreement between the supplier and Ariba, to which TAP is not a party.


Suppliers should ensure that the appropriate Ariba Account type is selected. TAP cannot accept accountability should the incorrect level be selected, nor can it accept liability for any fees incurred. We accept both no fee light account and the fee-based fully enabled Ariba options. Suppliers electing to use the fully enabled Ariba option will be required to absorb associated Ariba charges.

Helpful links

Suppliers Support

If you have a question or technical issue during the registration process, in the first instance please contact SAP Ariba.

TAP Onboarding Support

For support with completing the Supplier Registration Questionnaire, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 1,1MB, EN), or contact the TAP Supplier Data Specialist Team directly at: suppliersupport@tap.pt.