World transatlantic premier of the Airbus A321 LR this saturdary as it flies from Porto to New York

  • The Airbus A321 Long Range is the first narrow-body aircraft in the world able to operate long-haul routes, including transatlantic ones.
  • This new aircraft means TAP can increase its number of intercontinental flights.
  • The company offers long-haul onboard service in a narrow-body plane.
  • TAP is continuing to modernise its fleet and this week received another new aircraft in Lisbon, an Airbus A320neo.
This Saturday, TAP is celebrating a new milestone in aviation history. The Airbus A321 Long Range, one of the airline's latest acquisitions, will make its first transatlantic flight as TP0213 from Porto to New York. This will be the first time a narrow-body aircraft, which normally fly medium-haul routes, crosses the Atlantic without a stop-over, offering passengers the premium comfort of a long-haul aircraft. 

Antonoaldo Neves, TAP's CEO, said it was yet another historic day. TAP is the world's first airline to fly across the Atlantic Ocean with one of the new models of the latest generation of Airbus planes that are among the most efficient and comfortable in the skies. The ability to fly transatlantic is one advantage of the Airbus A321LR that TAP can use to the maximum because of Portugal's geographic position on connections to the east coast of the United States and the north-east of Brazil. The range and flexibility let TAP increase the connections between Porto-New York and Porto-São Paulo with the goal of offering daily flights from Porto to New York. 
This aircraft confirms TAP's commitment to increasing its flights out of Porto airport.

See the TAP CEO's message here: https://youtu.be/rnMu5jTqc0Q (in Portuguese) 

TAP can use this aircraft to fly to the North American cities of New York, Boston, Montreal or Washington. In Brazil, it can explore new markets in the north-east and increase its flights to various cities such as Recife, Maceió, Natal, Fortaleza or Salvador.

TAP also guarantees all passengers on the transatlantic routes operated using the Airbus A321LR the same comfort as the best long-haul aircraft. There are 16 latest-generation full-flat seats in executive class, four of which are individual, while the Airbus A321LR also offers more space in economy with ergonomic seats identical to those used on the long-haul Airbus A330neo and an onboard entertainment and connectivity system that lets passengers send unlimited free text messages.  

With its new investment capacity, TAP has been investing heavily in modernising its fleet since 2015 in line with the company's ambition to offer its customers the industry's best product. It is currently the only airline in the world that operates all the latest generation Airbus NEO aircraft and it expects to receive 71 new aircraft of the four Airbus models: A320neo, A321neo, A321LR and A330neo by 2025.

TAP welcomes new Airbus A320neo 

Arriving in Lisbon from the Airbus plant in Toulouse at 1:51 p.m. this Thursday, the new Airbus A320neo, registration CS-TVE, will join TAP's medium-haul fleet to and from destinations in Europe and Africa.  
The new aircraft can carry up to 174 passengers and it has more cargo and cabin space, a longer range and the latest generation of engines. This makes it the most advanced single-aisle aircraft there is.