TAP, world pioneer in operating the Airbus A330NEO, now has ten aircraft of this model

Modernisation of the airline’s fleet strengthens the Portuguese economy.
  • TAP has received three Airbus A330neo in two days, bringing the number of these aircraft in the airline’s fleet to 10.
  • Fleet overhaul is one of the new shareholders' strategic pillars.
  • Each TAP Airbus A330neo contributes more than 24 million euros to the Portuguese economy and brings more than 600 jobs to the country.
  • The new aircraft enable TAP to bolster its operations in the Americas.
TAP has reached a new milestone in its modernisation process. The airline is now the world's first to own 10 Airbus A330neo aircraft, the latest-generation model from Europe’s Airbus consortium. The flight delivering the tenth Airbus A330neo, CS-TUL, took off from Toulouse and landed this Thursday in Lisbon at 21:14.

In just the last two days, the airline has received three new aircraft of this model, with registration numbers CS-TUH, CS-TUE and CS-TUL, the latter being the airline’s tenth.

Overhaul of the fleet with latest-generation aircraft is one of the new shareholders' strategic pillars for the airline’s transformation and modernisation, which also makes an important contribution to the Portuguese economy. 

On average, each new TAP Airbus A330neo annually contributes more than 24 million euros in duties and taxes to the Portuguese economy. Each aircraft generates, on average, more than 650 jobs in Portugal per year, 85% of which are in the Tourism industry. 

The long haul fleet will have 21 new aircraft of this type in total, which will be mainly flown on routes between Portugal and the Americas, enabling TAP to open new routes and strengthen its position in Brazil and the United States. 

On June 1st, TAP inaugurated flights to Chicago, and on June 10th, Portugal Day, operations also commenced between the Portuguese capital and San Francisco, with both routes operated by the Airbus A330neo. The next route to open will be between Lisbon and Washington, starting June 16th. 

The Airbus A330neo, the new state-of-the-art aircraft of Airbus, enables TAP to enhance its position in the history of global aviation. 

As the world’s first airline to operate this model, TAP has inaugurated a new form of long haul travel that benefits from this aircraft's many attributes. The Airbus model has 298 seats and offers travellers a journey with maximum comfort, less noise and the most advanced technology, including the latest generation of in-flight entertainment and connectivity systems that provide unlimited text messaging via wi-fi, at no cost, for all passengers. TAP was the world’s first airline to offer this service. 

The airline continues to invest in the modernisation and growth of its fleet, making it one of the most modern in the world. 71 new aircraft will have been delivered to the airline by 2025, strengthening TAP's ambition to offer the industry's best product to its clients.