A330-900neo aircraft are news again today

A330-900neo aircraft are news again today.
TAP has, exhaustively and with complete transparency, responded to its staff, particularly flight crews, and union representatives about questions concerning the A330-900neo aircraft and the existence of odours on some flights and incidents of crew members feeling unwell.
Airbus, along with TAP, has conducted a series of rigorous tests and analyses using the most sophisticated technology to ensure air quality on board the A330-900neo.
All the tests and analyses carried out so far allow us to confirm that:
  • Air quality on the A330-900neo aircraft is within the recommended limits.
  • Odours have been detected on only some of the hundreds of A330-900neo flights, but the causes have been found and solutions implemented by Airbus.
  • It has not been possible to establish any correlation between the odours and incidents of crew illness.
In view of this statement, and because TAP has openly and transparently shared the information it received from Airbus with its staff, we highlight the conclusion of the manufacturer’s communication dated 11 July in relation to the facts communicated in a letter to TAP dated 7 June, which has been widely reported in the media and which, when read in context, adds no new information.
“The test results analysis, provided by an independent and recognised laboratory, showed the absence of any hazardous air contamination.”
“In conclusion, it demonstrates that there is no toxicological threat when a cabin odour event occurs.”
“After detailed analysis and measurements carried out by external laboratories, we can demonstrate that the cabin air quality does not present any health risks, even taking into account the outstanding reports of sporadic cabin odours in flight.” 
These are scientific conclusions that at this time do not allow for speculation.

Nevertheless, TAP will continue making every effort alongside the manufacturers, Airbus and Rolls-Royce, to provide our passengers and crew with the highest standards of comfort and safety on board the aircraft.
These are the facts. And this is the report.