TAP has a new wine list exclusively portuguese wines

Over a million bottles bought from national producers and served on board the airline’s flights.


TAP has a new wine list that includes an exclusive selection of Portuguese wines from the country's main producing regions.

The new wine list, which is offered to TAP passengers until 2024, includes a selection of 43 wines from eight different regions, representing 24 local producers.

Over the two-year duration of the supply contract, TAP will buy from these Portuguese producers and serve on board the airline’s flights more than one million bottles of Portuguese wine.

TAP's new wine list was selected by a panel of Portuguese and international specialists, seeking to ensure the best wine experience for passengers, with variety in the offer and rigour in the choice of wines.

TAP is the biggest international showcase for Portugal and quality Portuguese products and assumes its essential role of promoting and stimulating the national economy and the best that Portugal has to offer.