TAP cargo plane makes first flight to Toronto

A cargo transport from a textile company made the connection between Zaragoza and the Canadian city.


This Sunday, TAP made its first cargo flight after its A330 converted into a cargo plane received EASA and ANAC certificates. The first freighter departed from Zaragoza, Spain, stopped off in Lisbon and flew to Toronto after an eight-hour journey.

On this inaugural flight of its new cargo aircraft, TAP transported textile products, totaling 270 cubic meters and with a total weight of 37 tons.

The flight plan for the rest of the year provides for around three flights per week for cargo transported by TAP. TAP CEO, Christine Ourmières-Widener, said that "after a longer certification period than we would all have liked, it is with great satisfaction that we see the entry into operation of this cargo plane, which allows TAP to meet the demand in the cargo market with an adequate supply".

The second preighter (passenger aircraft transformed into cargo aircraft) in the TAP fleet has already begun its conversion to the passenger version, with plans to phase it into the operational fleet by the end of the year, strengthening the company's capacity to meet the demand for passenger journeys this year.